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I might move journals. :x

I've had this one for a pretty long time. Well it hasn't been a year yet, but I got kinda sick of my username. =_=;;

Yea, so I might move journals & f-lock it.

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I'm in the process of moving graphic journals from belumina to nanabbang. I'm done with the layout modification & profile =) Now all I have to do is open it and post the resources thread & reaffiliation thread. YAY.

So go check it out and JOIN JOIN JOIN:

I have decided to give away maintainership of arrancar_awards to someone else. And I declined to be a co-mod for horizon_awards. I can't handle maintaining icontest communities anymore. I don't really even participate in them. Such big changes. =/

And tomorrow, I'm meeting a friend to have breakfast with her and our new 'boss'. She asked me to help her tutor some kids over the summer and since the boss/principal was kind of desperate, I agreed to do it. I'll officially begin 'teaching' on Monday if all goes well. It'll be fun I think. =)

And yay! It's my friend's birthday this Saturday. =) Sleepover I think. Awesome. *is giddy*

Yes, well. My summer is sort of not so boring anymore I guess. =) That's good I suppose. <3
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My life is boring as hell. I have nothing to do except babysit my cousin. And all my friends are busy with work. T____T;

Eing. *cries*

I've lost my mojo. I've lost my touch with PS. *emo*


I'm so bored. Need something to do.

Spent the last couple days sleeping over my sister's house & playing with our dog. It was almost like I was living there again. =/

Ehhhhhh...I'm gonna save my babysitting money for a shopping spree.
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New Layour & Userinfo! Featuring F.T. Island <3

I made this today =) Felt like Hongki-fying everything so here it is =)

He really is such a cutie. And wow, can he sing. I'm gonna get their album tomorrow if I get a chance and play it on the stereo the whole day, since I can't play it on my computer. =)
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I'm obsessed with making blinkies now <3 Though it's a pain in the ass and takes a thousand years to make. I have only one so far =X but I'm in love with it! =)

I'm gonna make some more soon. x___x; But it'll be fun! And time consuming...

I can't wait till I get F.T. Island's album. HONGKI'S AMAZING VOICE~ *dies*

Oh, and expect a new layout soon! =) Featuring F.T. Island of course. <3
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F.T. Island & Username Meme

I woke up at 6:38 PM today =/ And I was all dizzy and shaky cause I was hungry. lol.

F.T. Island are my heart throbs at the moment. =) Especially Lee HongKi, the lead singer. <3 They are all 1992-1990-ish in age (which is around my age) so I think it's pretty cool. Haven't heard their songs yet, though, because I stupid computer won't play any audio/media files because it's broken. =( But I'm gonna buy their album and SQUEE at HongKi's amazing voice. =D

alpaca4eva tagged me so I guess I'll do this meme thing. (BTW, what does meme mean or stand for? *is clueless*)

Rules: Post the explanation of where your username came from. Then tag TEN users whose explanations you'd like to hear. If you are tagged post the explanation to your page.

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Yesterday was the last day of classes and my puppy's birthday. :) He's 2 years old now and I guess that means he's 14 in dog years. But it's so sad because I didn't get to see him. :( I live with my mom and my sister lives with our dad and Happy. I'll visit next time with a new chew toy or something. :)

Ah the physics final was terrible. It was so hard; I completely bombed it. There were 50 multiple choice questions and 3 long answer problems with a million parts to them and it was a 3 hour long exam. I was hoping that I got at least one of the three long problems right, but I just found out from a friend that I graphed it all wrong. So now, I'm not even expecting anything...I just hope I PASSED. Now, I have the U.S. History final and a Math final. And after that, I'M FREE! :D I'm free to do whatever I want!